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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why aren't you listening to... #1. Punch & the Apostles

Punch & the Apostles are Glasgow's answer to a question no-one is quite sure of yet.

They look a little bit like a 60s Mothers of Invention line-up catapulted forty years forward. i'll wager they've heard the odd Mothers record, as well. And probably some Cardiacs stuff, and maybe a healthy selection of Eastern European drinking songs.

Beyond the usual drums/guitar/bass set-up, they've got an expert three-piece horn section (a trumpet, two saxes) and, excellently, plenty of accordion playing. Charismatically odd frontman Paul Napier sometimes comes off like dramatic French chanteur Charles Aznavour, sometimes like Kevin Rowland histrionically bursting out of his clothing in a clearing at full moon.

Their songs, named things like "Womb Grave", "All the Nosey Bastards" and "Astral Meathook", have a tendency to veer suddenly off into waltzes, polkas or outright screaming, honking klezmergeddon. Likewise, their live set tilts between impressively suave and completely manic.

Punch & the Apostles' self-titled debut album came out last month on their own Repellent Records label. You know what to do by now.

mp3: Punch & the Apostles – "The School"

Originally for Sanctuary.

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