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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

gay against you soundtrack Google's end to Chinese censorship

Reblogged from Joe.

So, despite that clumsy business with the music blogs the other week, Google have struck a somewhat more positive blow in ending censorship in China:

Google logo outside its Beijing office
The Chinese government has threatened sanctions against Google
Google has stopped censoring its search results in China, ignoring warnings by the country's authorities.

The US company said its Chinese users would be redirected to the uncensored pages of its Hong Kong website.

In January, Google had complained about a "sophisticated cyber attack originating from China".

China accused Google of violating a "written promise" it made when entering the market to abide by laws requiring it to filter its search service.

Celebrate with a new gay against you jam, "Let's Build a Chinatown pt. II", a modded take on the Muscle Milk track.

Yangtze water's crystal clear
and Google is not censored here
Dancing the Tiananmen Square
We made the rules so they are fair...

mp3: gay against you – "Let's Build a Chinatown pt. II"

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Leon said...

wow google is brave!

nice blog!

greetings from singapore