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Monday, 15 March 2010

#3: Redshape — "The Dance Paradox" (Delsin, 2009)

Seems my review of Redshape for Junkmedia is up.

Masks have a long and distinguished history in the arts, from Japanese kabuki and the Commedia dell'Arte right through to DOOM, and, um, Slipknot. The latest beau of the masked ball is techno producer Redshape, behind whose slightly unnerving red plastic visage allegedly hides a Famous Techno Producer In Disguise.

Whether this is true or not, it'd seem to be a win-win situation for the artist. If indeed it is a big-shot name, he gets to go back underground and under cover, to separate the music from the weight of reputation (with the added bonus that a lot of critics will hold back on criticising the music overly harshly, lest they are left with egg on their faces when the game's up); if it's an unknown, he gets to start a buzz most label marketing departments nowadays could only dream of, as fans and critics alike line up to explain why the mysterious figure is/isn't Carl Craig or a moonlighting Underground Resistance member...


mp3: Redshape – "Rorschach's Game"

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