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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Song of the day: #22 Your Infamous Harp – "Cock Lobster"

<a href="">Cock Lobster by Your Infamous Harp</a>

i can't decide if i find this song terrible or amazing, or somewhere in the middle, or veering dementedly between the two. i think the fact someone compared Your Infamous Harp to the horrible System of a Down in the comments made me flinch, and it does initially come off a tad wacky. But then again, the production's really good, the title's obviously amazing1 , the lyrics have a certain silly wit,2 and the song structure's appealingly inventive too.3

and i like the way the guy singer seems to be deliberately aping Fred Schneider in his semi-regular exclamations of "cock lobster!" Actually, having now listened a few times, i've decided this is actually pretty good.

1 In fact, i only discovered it by Googling to see if anyone had actually written a song with this name yet.
2 "i don't want no lobster from you/i think that's very, very rude/you have such harsh words/for being such a delicate food".
3 Such as the 6/8 switch at 1:10 and then back into driving 4/4 a few bars later.