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Friday, 12 March 2010

Cringeworthy band bio

From Ska-P's page:

SKA-P is a Spanish Ska group formed in Vallecas (a neighborhood of Madrid, Spain) in 1994. Most of their songs feature an infectious and energic vibe and feature lyrics about non-conformity, criticism of capitalism and racism, and their defense of equal justice, plus taking part in various multicultural, alternative and anti-globalization festivals. . Their song “Cannabis,” supporting and defending the legalization of said substance, launched them to certain popularity in Spain and parts of Mexico and South America.

Woh! A ska band that like smoking pot and playing festivals, but don't like capitalism or racism? Yeh, they sound like the definition of non-conformity.

It gets worse.

From Ska-P's Wikipedia (as of today):

Their nonconformist attitude is also evident in their eccentric haircuts. Some band members have mohawks while others are almost bald-shaven (with a ponytail at the back).

Jesus Henry Christ. Not mohawks.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of feelgood rebel posturing, here's a rewarding piece by Slavoj Žižek on James Cameron's woad-daubed Pocahontas remake. Courtesy of Jesse Darling. Thanks JD!

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