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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ron Paul = Dawson Leery + 40 years

Anyone noticed how libertarian goon Ron Paul is essentially emo-tastic wannabe auteur Dawson Leery in 40 years' time?

This is probably significant in some way.

Rules for writers

This is the only important rule about writing you need to remember.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Song of the day: #28 Tim Fite – "Money Back"

Tim Fite is not happy. Why? Because he wants his motherfucking goddamn shit-ass money back, of course.

Lawd knows why this song has a mere 327 YouTube views, it's been cracking me up at intervals for a while now.

Wiki says Tim is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in BK, that he used to be a member of a hip-hop duo called Little-L and One Track Mike, that he's pro-sampling and -giving away albums for free, and that he's put out like nine of the aforesaid albums since 2004, which seems quite impressive (i mean, unless the rest are really bad or something. i'm gonna have to check more of them out). Actually, he seems really quite unnervingly prolific in general.

"Money Back"'s parent album, Under the Table Tennis, is one of those you can get free from his website, which is pretty much just his name rendered in the form of a website.

mp3: Tim Fite – "Money Back"

Monday, 18 April 2011

An adjective could hurt if it's not caught

Oh, here's another thing i apparently forgot to post.1 My bros in SCAMS were on the NME site recently with the video for their new song "Lost for Words" (which is out today via loads of places like Amazon, etc.), which is nice.2 i can't embed the video unfortunately because it seems to be some sort of NME exclusive, so you'd have to click the words "the NME site" above to see it. i'm always getting gazumped by those bastards!

As you'd expect, my involvement with this video was once again totally essential; in this instance, i wrote out some of those brown parcel tags you see attached to everything3 and attached them to tree branches and stuff, hid in a bush to help throw a load of shredded paperbacks over Sasha ("The Girl") for the scene at e.g. 03:15, and scared the piss out of a bunch of curious forestgoers by wandering silently among them in the dark and then suddenly turning on a powerful flashlight.

1 Tho i did post the unofficial video as a Song of the Day back last May.
2 FYI "Making Maps from Memory" is also a really sweet song, as in "touching" or "poignant" rather than in the least funny scene in cinema history, aka that-bit-in-Dude Where's My Car?, sense.
3 My handwriting's the stuff in all-caps with crosses over the 'i's (e.g. "MIC" at 0:37, "SHIRT" at 03:13).

Song of the day: #27 Invincible – "Sledgehammer"

This is that proverbial "real shit" we're always hearing about.

Here, across two packed, intricate verses, Detroit native Invincible shouts out everyone from dead homies Dilla and D12's Proof to "Strange Fruit" writer Abel Meeropol and murdered Black Panther deputy chair Fred Hampton, paraphrases a Frantz Fanon line, and claims to actually be Peter Gabriel at least a year or two before Lil B was running the "women want to sleep with me because i look like [prominent, unlikely public figure]" meme squarely into the ground.

Sorry if everybody else already knows about Invincible (who i really should have heard of before now; tho i suspect most people probably don't), and thanks to Dan Sonorous/Omnific Beats from 30KB for putting me onto her.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Inadvertent recursive sound art

Clearing out some old Twitter links, found this from last August. Hilarious webcam feedback loop actually becomes strangely pretty/musical by the end. Dude's panicked tone is also pretty funny.