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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow has cancelled everything in the UK

...and all i can keep thinking of is Half Man Half Biscuit's superb "Evening Swing (Has Been Cancelled)", from 2008's CSI Ambleside.

You can't front on lyrics like:
And a plague fell upon the Retail Park
And a storm broke over Henman Hill
And the christening party arsehole
Who hitherto had blurred
My conception of man as nature’s final word
Was fleeing from the lava
His SatNav pleading thus:
“I’m not from round here mate, you should have got the bus
Enter then a real rat pack
Millions pouring in
And Ezekiel punched Dan Brown
And the nights are drawing in
And your Evening of Swing had been cancelled
mp3: Half Man Half Biscuit — "Evening of Swing (Has Been Cancelled)" (YSI)


Horst from Germany said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics to "Evening of Swing".

I really like the song, but english not being my native language, I did only understand rudimentary parts of the song from listening.

Now I can fully appreciate the quality of the lyrics. The song has just gotten much better for me.

tomasz. said...

hey Horst, no problem! it had never occurred to me that people outside the UK would like HMHB, but it's cool that you do!

a guy called Chris Rand has a really great site with their lyrics, which might be useful for filling in the gaps: