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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The failure of criticism/the success of criticism

So, my attempt to review every record that was new to me in 2009 went awry, in what was basically a really predictable way. What you really want is either about sixty hours a day, or the ability, Hiro Nakamura-style,1 to freeze time whenever listening to music, allowing you to listen to and/or review everything ever made, but clearly neither of those is a reality yet.

And i thought about what i could turn the feature into to make it either better or more realistic, but i honestly couldn't think of anything. And so i thought i would just resolve to review every new record i heard in 2010 as well and hopelessly fail once again. "A man can't just sit around, can he?"

First up: a review of Buddy Peace's Late Model Sedan done for Junkmedia.

1 Not that i'm particularly a Heroes fan, tho. The first season was dope, then it started to decline scarily quickly into a giant confusing mess. The plot developments seemingly made up on the spot, the "fuck-it-we'll-just-have-them-move-forward/backwards-in-time" catch-all solution to continuity issues meaning that no-one ever actually has to die (and the resulting boredom of immortality), the ever more cynical rating-grabs ("hey, Hayden Panettiere's rather attractive, isn't she? Let's have her and another girl kissing really awkwardly!") Despite all this, i have mystifyingly kept watching it until at least halfway through the nonsensical fourth season. i must really hate myself.

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