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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More people should ask me to do interviews i can say stuff like this:
Record labels are a mug's game nowadays unless you're in the 10% margin of artists that the remnants of the music industry still think can be squeezed for a greasy buck. Labels can obviously be helpful for promotion etc., but then again we know a few heads that've been properly screwed over by them. Complete control can be harder, but we figure it's worthwhile. i encourage people to find an article by Steve Albini called "The Problem With Music", it's 15 years old but the majority of it is still completely on-point about the music biz.
i also encourage more UK rappers to listen to The Fall, as per. 30KB Certified Banger interview preview now over at MySpace (remember there?)

Speaking of Steve Albini, an eye-opening thing i discovered recently about him is that he and his wife are basically Santa Claus, having raised $100,000 or more for needy families each Christmas for the last decade, until the Chicago post office changed their policy because a sex offender in a totally different city happened to pick up a letter from a child, resulting in absolutely nothing happening whatsoever. Guess no-one wants another Jordan on their hands...

mp3: Big Black — "Jordan, Minnesota" (YSI)

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