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Sunday, 3 January 2010

My Vote

[AZP] part of the problem is powerful people
an eye for an eye and we're blind for the sequel
out of control and rocking the boat
no! it's not gonna get my vote!

laws of the land they tighten. so?
know why they write them? control.
good buy more. pay less. why? owe.
no! it's not gonna get my vote!

Violating public decency so frequently and yet i still just act the meek and wait for someone else to speak for me. i'm speaking, see. the only thing they're teaching me is how to lose your rights in wrongs and make a song of secrecy. even reading writing on the wall means someone's reaching me. bored of the billboard preaching: you have cheapened me. voyeuristic systems here to bleaken streets and peep at me; only gonna get my vote if they jam the CCTV frequencies. a visceral visual when the captain sees no ships. peripheral's digital cuz of RFID chips. in the worst way, my spirit of the staircase prepares aid; a say is as likely as Nestlé going Fair Trade. the disrepair's great. let bets fly. doesn't matter if the right is left or if the left's right (left, right!) branded download, the sound grows to a vote where this land is free of ads like São Paulo. they say sink, we say "how low?" now no buying from a business represented by the Dow Jones. (sink) not now, yo. i sabotage with fatter drops. and know it's only gonna get my vote if they camouflage the ballot box.

oh, you can't shove it down our throat...
it's not gonna get my vote

[D-1] to all my pitiful sages
at the critical stages
raking minimum wages, say
"it's not gonna get my vote"

and all the ones written off
by the toffs at the top
who indulgently scoff, say
"it's not gonna get my..."

Remember, remember, November the 5th: gunpowder's played out, but the sentiment persists. now the crowd get excited when the pyres get lit, but they're not burning the Guy but the ones he'd have hit. and i can see why they're feeling that treason's legit when Big Bro wants to know when i'm taking a shit and how many bits of paper. it's 1984 hell. it's not gonna get my vote, like the spycams on Orwell. so 30K detonate, like radiation, contaminate. it's not gonna get my vote like a BNP candidate in grand debate. skewering them when they start to vacillate: the residue that's left when morality evaporates. future's writ large on an advertising banner, saying WELCOME TO THE PROMISED LAND - poison in the manna. and disgust and apathy are not the same. shame i ain't feeling the love, ticking a box marked "None of the Above". that's why i'm robbing ballot boxes, not giving a toss, making obscene phone calls like i'm Jonathan Ross in a Dave Cameron mask, exacting my vengeance. saying "fuck a party system, we're running as independents".


19 - 30KB - My Vote by Certified Banger

download: zshare/YSI

(not getting my Vogts)


mark said...

now that is a sick ass choon props

Ben Black said...

Heavyweight lyrics.