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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Song of the day: #1 Shawnna – "RPM" feat. Ludacris & Twista (Aurist rmx)

A song of the day is hardly an original blogging idea (especially when it's not quite daily), but i think it's still a pretty good one. This incarnation of this feature i have pretty much stolen from Everett True. i figure he'll either understand or he won't care or, more likely, he'll never see this anyway. The music taste is still mine, however.

Right then, a great place to kick off the feature is with a smart collision of worlds, noise meeting commerical hip-hop uptown in the shape of Aurist's remix of "RPM" by Shawnna featuring Ludacris and Twista, in which the noise musician and "all-round internet" basically puts the entire track in a massive blender and brutally interrupts it with what sounds like a vacuum cleaner sucking up a bag of rocks every few seconds.

It's quite ridiculously funny, and makes me think pop-rap/noise is a crossover with a very large potential. (i can't decide whose verse is funniest, though i think it might well be Luda). There should totally be full albums of this stuff.

The original is provided for comparison by way of YouTube video:

Twitter-roll: Shawnna; Ludacris; Twista; Aurist.
Or hit up The Ludacris Foundation for some good-ass charitable works.

mp3: Shawnna – "RPM feat. Ludacris & Twista (Aurist rmx)"

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Jerry said...

I think it's a pretty good one, myself.