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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

"Remember Me": a new low in lazy plotting

Andy from Scams alerted to me this trailer:

So far, so sickly Dawson's Creek tripe. The clever twist comes in having the star-crossed, adversity-overcoming lovers separated for good at the end when the male lead gets, erm, killed in the September 11 attacks.

Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum nails it with the description "[a] shameless contraption of ridiculously sad things befalling attractive people", as does the Boston Globe's Wesley Morris, who notes how the film "crassly repurposes tragedy to excuse its cliches."

Seriously, it's not even been 10 years! Tho i suppose there's no official statue of limitations on grave-robbing. Alternatively, i love the idea that some idea-stuck suits in a Hollywood boardroom somwhere might have gone, "Y'know, 9/11 was pretty horrible. i think we can best convey the poignancy of this tragedy by adding a sparkly vampire."

And what's with the crappy recycling of the closing line from Se7en (warning: do not click this link if you haven't seen Se7en, ultimate spoilerville)? What a parade o'lame.

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