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Monday, 19 October 2009

[30,000 Leagues] Welcome to Nothing

<a href="">Welcome to Nothing feat. Ava Leigh by 30KB</a>

[diss1] The hornets' nest stirred when they cut down the saviour. Buy now: apocalypse later. Apocryphal labours, favours returned, no rest for the wicked and weary. Faulty logic hara-kiris conspiracy theories. And Dr. Dre said... *something his ghostwriter thought of* (Straight outta composition? sort of.) Hold your position. You're sub-poena'd by put-you-out-of commission. Sharpshoot lyricism with military precision and execution. Classified level 3 intel. D-day landing smashing your splinter cell. i'm like hot gas compression how my flow's turbo. you a non-union equiv. like Señor Spielbergo. Heard you wanna quibble? That's comical like Bananaman. Soft fucker, you can get box-cutter'd by Nevada-tan fan club presidential assistant orderly - the gory story of Hikikomori. Lock lips w/fibre optics and a free flash screamer of your choice. Speed trials exceed pace of whoever's really racing the tortoise. But small voices, too, can shatter glass at the right pitch: that's why he legged it through the night after hitting the lightswitch.

[AcheZen Pains] Slipped and tripped from the pinnacle to land on his hands. Comprehend, don't understand: i'll be the nation's reprimand. Assured through lawless lands, hear me, and my ideology's more mental than any theory you can find in Scientology. Just try stopping me: i'm like a hearty-sized typhoon. You're more ridiculous than a student at Cromartie High School. i'm more effectual than respectable Hollywood special effects. Dionysian powers protecting me. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! Fool? hardly. Foolhardy words'll never take care of me. Passionately kiss yr ass goodbye cuz it says pull in case of emergency. No do-re-mi: i'm here to pierce the ears of peers. Go to sleep with bad thoughts and i wake up something fierce. Second guess i manifest the thoughts i'm writing as a cycle: force of an ouroboros meant you felt my reprisals. Sizeable slice, retire you twice, leachers 'n preachers of viable rights. Bleeping a future of fallen tonights. Welcome to nothing: walk into the light.

[welcome] to the way we on it
[to] contemporary supersonic
[nothing] not a hopeful sonnet,
scenes created just to bomb it

[welcome] to a true platonic
[to] toppin trivia delivered in song with
[nothing] style different shakin tectonics,
this be the imminent finish of the wrongest...

[Ava Leigh]
close to the woes, no right to belong

(facing a nation that's wasting)
heard you can't teach an old maestro a new song
stealing, thieving our freedoms, i'm seething venom
welcome to nothing, to nothing we're heading, yeah

Pripyat, Ukraine. PD photo by Wikipedia user Kadams1970

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