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Thursday, 15 October 2009

report: "BNP to consider non-white members"

i find most "let's-all-mock-the-BNP" activities to be either sneering, nasty everybody-laugh-at-the-thicko-proles snobbery (hi, Vice magazine, you bunch of coked-up Shoreditch fauxhawks!)1 or self-congratulatory empty bandwagonnery (you're not a racist? Wow, like, radical, man. Srsly, have a medal.)

But the news today that the party might have to reform their constitution to allow non-white members to join in line with anti-discrimination laws is sort of irresistible. If this does in fact go ahead, how great would it be for the BNP to be confronted with a sudden and massive groundswell of membership applications from blacks, Asians, and indeed any other ethnic minority they hate?

For one thing, a racist group that represented a full rainbow spectrum of the UK's various races would be completely meaningless, like those "I Hate Hip Hop!" groups on that get joined by loads of rap fans and consequently have their charts filled up with Kanye and Weezy every week. For another, you'd probably get rid of a lot of current BNP members through rage-induced spontaneous combustion.

It's probably no more effectual than ordering them pizzas they don't want, or 658 identikit punk bands all singing "fuck the BNP!" as if trying to defeat them through sheer tedium alone.

But i reckon it'd be a damn sight funnier.

1 NB: aspiring writers! Please have more dignity than the people in this comments section.

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