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Friday, 11 June 2010

[30,000 Leagues] Beat the Rich

<a href="">Beat the Rich by 30KB</a>

The beat for this was sample from a segment on the Michael Moore show The Awful Truth. It's alright, though, he's cool with that sort of thing.

[diss1] 30,000 detonators primed to go off in your face, as the crew that you never knew blew the doors and stepped right into the place armed with the special abilities, strength and agility plus bulletproof like Kevlar®. Let the sub-bass sound out a clarion call so we can locate where the heads are. Don't give a fuck what you're trynna tell me cuz i learn like an autodidact. You better tell your crew to secure-it-ass or else likely you'll get hijacked. Beat the rich for artistic merit, rejecting the bling mindset, and send undercooked rappers back to the grill cuz they know it's not their time yet. (Yo) simply don't know what we might do. Told you last time that i don't like you, and you can assume that goes for my crew, ready for level-up evolution like Raichu. Each track a winner – keep the score, please. Jon cuts so much we call him Voorhees. Wannabes pray to AcheZ, receive sore knees, enemies bombed like ["1940s"]. Watch what you're doing with that beat, matey! This for those that ain't moved their feet lately. Counsellors calling out "Artikal crazy!" (nah – just smoked too much weed, maybe.) 1 for the talent, 2 for the freakshow, 3 goes to the other Northern Alliance. 4 for the flow, 5 for the way the beat go, 30KB drop science (on your head).

[AcheZen Pains] A simple cystic sign of fear comes. It's not a bass kick, it's the banging of your eardrums. Turn out from animals and edify the fierce crumbs, til when the cheer numbs, and what you hear stuns. The market makers making everything attractive hindered information that's arriving so refracted. Your imagination's overactive. Syndicating songs til overplaying simply passed it. Chooned in to listen: all i heard was static. Take it, grab it, thirty thousand caskets, these days DJs need them through infection - that's why we call them radioactive. And it's a classic, we be laughing rapid. Your style's pH-neutral, we dissolve you like an acid. A clear form of collective defiance. We know the revolution has got to be financed. So beat 'em or join 'em, the rich or the lenders ever offending your secret agendas. You got money? Come try sue me. Your style's uglier than Wayne Rooney, and more embarrassing than Richard is to Judy. i got the message like you can call me *Ruuuuuuuuudie*... you'll soon see why you wanna honour me. The difference between the followers and wannabes. Sire golden victims like i'm fighting Mr Connery. Monetary in snobbery, we do it for the robber's fee, and its a robbery – sound the alert. Nobody truths, all bodies get hurt. M.i.A - rusting penny verse. The great bank holiday to toughen stirling turf. A poor opinion lost in a vote non-official. The end got its funding; all that matters is fiscal.

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