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Friday, 23 October 2009

Very vague 30KB news

- We're working on a follow-up EP to 30,000 Leagues Under the Scene, to be released in the next couple of weeks;

- It's going to have either seven or eight tracks. One will be a Delusionists remix and another will feature Mr Benjamin Black from the said group;

- Production is divided between Crewdson, who did "Care Less" and "Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine)" off the first album, and also recorded the majority of said album, yer humble narrator, and, in the case of the said remix, the said Mr Black.

- In Bastards We Trust has been talked about as a name. Possibly in Latin, cuz we enjoy treading the line between pretentious and ludicrous for all we're worth.

- It will be freely downloadable from somewhere free on the internet, for free. Yes, FREE!

- Any or all of the above details are subject to change at the whim of our fickle personalities.

- Sports Night is one of the most criminally underrated TV series of all time. Total masterpiece. (Ignore the daft laugh track, it fades out by the middle of the first season anyway.)