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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

LJB April mixtape (Def Jux special)

Partly to celebrate the looong-awaited remastered reissue of one of the greatest rap albums ever, Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus, this month's mixtape is a slightly-less-than-CD-size compendium showcasing the musical brilliance of the Definitive Jux label, firm favourite of rap backpackers everywhere and this blog alike.

i primarily made it for my friend D. Frith, who isn't really familiar with Jux as his main preferences musically are nosebleed drum'n'bass and similar associated styles, but he was curious to get a flavour of The Jux Sound. If you're already familiar with their stuff then it's just a good selection of amateurishly-crossfaded DJX classics to bump in the car.1

1. Company Flow - Simian Drugs (Feeling Ignorant) feat. Ill Bill
2. Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy
Aesop Rock - Battery
4. Breezely Brewin, Q-Unique, Godfather Don, J-Treds & MF DOOM - Fondle 'em Fossils (El-P remix)
5. El-P - Stepfather Factory
6. Camu Tao - Hold the Floor
7. Mr. Lif - Heavy Artillery
8. RJD2 - Bus Stop Biddies
9. Mr. Lif - Success feat. Aesop Rock
10. S.A. Smash - The Harvest
11. C-Rayz Walz - Elephant Guns
12. Despot - Homesickness
13. MURS - Walk Like a Man
14. Hangar 18 - Beatslope (Blockhead remix)
15. The Perceptionists - Memorial Day
16. Central Services - Jukie Skate Rock
17. Aesop Rock - Food, Clothes, Medicine
18. Cage - Good Morning NY feat. El-P, Matt Sweeney & James McNew of Yo La Tengo
19. Slow Suicide Stimulus - Say Cheese feat. Yak Ballz
20. Rob Sonic - The Over Under
21. El-P - No Kings

1 Full disclosure: i seem to have mislaid my copies of both DJXP3 and S.A Smash's Smashy Trashy. So the versions of "Homesickness" by Despot and Smash's "The Harvest" here are excerpted from other mixes by, respectively, DJ Big Wiz and DJ Shortrock.
2 March just sort of went west, really.

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