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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Doubt (haiku)


IiIwayne said...

hey i know this might seem kind of rude but calling that a haiku is a bit misleading or at least it is only true in the very loosest and inaccurate sense now see one of the main functions of haiku is to naturalize which is why almost all haiku refer to something in nature and attempt to understand it now this is more a classical issue than anything else and certainly one couldnt say that just because a specific thing doesnt adhere to the usual content specifications of a genre doesnt mean it isnt part of the genre but there is really nothing other than that that can carry over from the japanese since as you may or may not know the japanese haiku isnt distinguished by syllable count but by morae which are a prosodic unit which you can look up however since morae are not a discrete unit of measurement in english like syllables are the poetic form was altered so like i said now that the form is gone the content is all thats left and since you eschew the content calling it a haiku is only possibly in sort of the loosest and most misleading sense now i dont mean to attack you or anything there are a lot of people who make this mistake every day its just i checked your blog and saw it and thought you might be interested in knowing that the song lollipop off the album the carter iii is the shit

tomasz. said...

i think the main clue that it wasn't intended as a Japanese haiku utilising prosodic units was that i wrote it in English.