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Monday, 23 February 2009

LJB February mixtape.

Fresh monthly mixtape for February: sixteen tracks ideal for soundtracking activities such as i those have been participating in this month, including: writing sarcastic letters to government agencies, rediscovering a love for sushi, driving around at night a lot as usual, and admiring the redheaded hawtness of Christina Hendricks from TV's Mad Men.
  1. Oliver Nelson — "Stolen Moments" (The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Impulse!, 1961)
  2. Bălănescu Quartet — "Computer Love" (Possessed, Mute, 1992)
  3. Mountain Goats — "Standard Bitter Love Song #7" (Zopilote Machine, Ajax, 1994)
  4. Tower of Power — "Only So Much Oil in the Ground" (Urban Renewal, Warner Bros., 1974)
  5. Saul Williams — "The Government" (MP3 release, 2009)
  6. Michael Krikorian — "Animal Farm" (2009)
  7. Philip Jeck — "Chime Again" (Sand, Touch, 2008)
  8. ehafh — "Caught in a Helix!!" (Unless You're Busy Stepping on Bugs, Glitch City, 2009)
  9. DJ Citalopram — "Clean As You Go" (The Poorhouse, Glitch City, 2009)
  10. Desert Island Dicks — "USC" (Clearance Sale (forthcoming), Glitch City/Amoebic Industries, 2009)
  11. Magic Lantern — "At the Mountains of Madness" (Magic Lantern, Woodsist, 2008):
    • incorporating dialogue from Mad Men, S01E08 ("The Hobo Code")
  12. Wendy Mae Chambers — "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (7" single, Artmusic, 1983)
  13. The Charioteers — "Wade in the Water" (from Gospel : Negro Spirituals / Gospel Songs 1926-1942, Frémeaux & Associés, 1993)
  14. The Rock Steady Crew — "(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew" (12" single, Virgin, 1983)
  15. National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation — "Rappin' with Gas" (7" flexi, Sou, 1988)
    • after hearing this record you will never cook with anything else.
  16. Cheer-Accident — "Heaven" (Sever Roots, Tree Dies, Complacency, 1988)

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