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Friday, 22 July 2011

Song of the day: #35 Jacques Greene – "Another Girl"

House producer Jacques Greene's been getting a lot of play recently for some Radiohead remixes he did. Can't front, Thom Yorke's obviously got some good taste. Because Radiohead remixes still have a bit too much Radiohead in there for my taste, i prefer the 20-year-old Canadian's original stuff, and "Another Girl" is a sublime highlight.

The kind of murky, subaquatic synths that have been voguish lately combine with an ace late-90s UK garage rhythm that's as funky as it is propulsive, and best of all the whole thing's topped with the kind of anthemic looped soul-ish vocals that sorta recall the breakbeat hardcore era building to a euphoric climax. Antoin, who put me on to this, has already called it as song of the year, and while i've got a few possible candidates for that title so far, "Another Girl" is definitely up there.


Twin Ghost Experience said...

you finna do an Amy Winehouse tribute post?

tomasz. said...

prolly not a straightforward one, mainly cuz everything i'd want to say has already been said better by others. i am gonna post soon on a related issue tho.

Twin Ghost Experience said...

how appropriate that you had a Ghostface video with her at the end as well... that's where I got this username from! STATISTICAL ANOMALY???????? none ov thee above