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Monday, 10 August 2009

On the Radar Volume 4 out today!

Certified Banger writes:
So, it's here - for all of you who were waiting! 'On The Radar Volume 4' is available for your downloading pleasure and with over a dozen exclusives, Volume 4 proves that the series is going from strength to strength.

Volume 4 features 20 tracks of strictly British Hip Hop from rappers and producers from around the Kingdom. Certified Banger’s now cemented reputation in the underground and online UK rap scene means that UK artists , who are not yet on the radar, have a platform for their music – so long as it’s decent! Judging by the subsequent success of previous ‘OTR’ artists you can expect to hear much more from these names in the near future.
In summary then, as grime nutter Bruza would probably say, "WOT U WAITIN FORRRR?!?!?!!!"

1. Delusionists"Parallel Worldz" feat. Invizible Frenz (CB Exclusive)
2. Chosen Spokesmen"Mad Real" (Prod. by Chemo) (CB Exclusive)
3. C-Froo"Financial Times"
4. S.Kalibre"English" (Prod. by Mike S)
5. Instance"Can't Get Down" (Prod. by Mike D) (CB Exclusive)
6. Vee Kay"Backroad" ft. Dead Residents (CB Exclusive)
7. Rapskallions"Battleslang" (Mr. Loop Remix) (CB Exclusive)
8. Runamuk"No Gimmicks" ft. Unfriendly Neighbours & Blaze (Prod. by Terror) (CB Exclusive)
9. Lunar C"Stop Stressin’" (Prod. by Ant Orange) (CB Exclusive)
10. Uncle Dicky"Running On Fumes" ft. Nozeeny (Prod. by Lazyb0nes) (CB Exclusive)
11. Nutty P"Why So Serious?" (CB Exclusive)
12. Leady"Travelling Man" (Prod. by Irn Mnky)
13. Joker Starr"Get Up" (CB Exclusive)
14. EdXL"Crocodile Smile" (Prod. by Cranky Fatso)
15. 10Shott"Soldier Salute"
16. Skinnista & Gadger"Get Away" ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive)
17. The Riddlah"Mind Right" (Prod. by Nasty P)
18. Knew Jeru’slum"Dreamcatchers" ft. JND (Prod. by Eliphino) (CB Exclusive)
19. 30KB"Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine)" (CB Exclusive)
20. JVF Clique"Lose The Chains" (CB Exclusive)
21. Bonus Track: Zion I"Legacy" ft. Ty

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