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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

30KB on "On the Radar" Vol. 4 from Certified Banger

So the day we got back from Kendal, we also got an email from head-of-the-pack UK hip-hop blogger Certified Banger ("the top dog in this blogging phenomena... period!", says Taskforce's Farma G), to tell us that 30KB are one of 21 artists featured on the forthcoming fourth instalment of his winning On the Radar compilation series.

We're completely thrilled to feature on UK rap's premier contemporary showcase alongside people whose music we listen to regularly. Previous volumes of OTR have featured the likes of B'tol & Jagos, Grimlok, Skillit, Skandal, JVF Clique, The Three Amigos, Baron Samedi, Mr Loop, Dialect, Stylah and Delegates of Culture, as well as appearances from, among others, Sonny Jim, Kyza, Klashnekoff, Witchdoctor Wise, Ramson Badbonez 'n' the mighty Jehst. Not a roster to be sneezed at in any way, i think you'll agree.

If you've previously missed out on On the Radar volumes 1—3, you'll be pleased to know they are all still available to grab: just click the album covers above or hit up the CB rapidshare here for links to all three. You are well advised to cop 'em.

Anyway, here's our track, as well as a few more whose quality has stuck out after the mere couple of plays i've so far managed. The comp is officially released in a couple of days, so i'll no doubt write about it again then. Big props, Cee.

mp3: Delusionists — "Parallel Worldz" feat. Invizible Frenz
mp3: Runamuk — "No Gimmicks" feat. Unfriendly Neighbours & Blaze
mp3: 30,000 Bastards — "Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine)"
mp3: Knew Jeru'slum — "Dreamcatchers" feat. JND

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