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Friday, 7 August 2009

Desert Island Dicks — "The Shades of Jazz to Come" (AMP005)

The new Desert Island Dicks album, released by Amoebic Industries (Unlimited) on 28 July 2009, is entitled The Shades of Jazz to Come, a dextrous play on the name of Ornette Coleman's seminal free jazz masterpiece The Shape of Jazz to Come.

The Coleman association is not merely a titular one; the album is also based sonically on The Shape of Jazz to Come. Six slices of the original Coleman album, each equivalent to ten percent of the length of each track, were extracted like biopsy tissue samples, re-stretched by a factor of ten until they arrived back at each track's original length, and post-effected as necessary. The record thus revisits tropes of both of the groups' previous albums, Bring Me the Head of Miles Davis... (use of the '50s/'60s jazz avant-garde) and Stretch Marks (vast expansion, post-production).

The cover was designed by Cliff Lipp for Dreamguts.

Vice magazine called the album "the year's primo meditation music for the discerning smackhead". NME failed to comprehend the concept in an entirely characteristic fashion.

Track listing
All tracks by Coleman/Dicks.
  1. "Lonely Woman" — 5:02
  2. "Eventually" — 4:22
  3. "Peace" — 9:04
  4. "Focus on Sanity" — 6:52
  5. "Congeniality" — 6:48
  6. "Chronology" — 6:03
  • Ornette Coleman – alto saxophone
  • Don Cherry – cornet
  • Charlie Haden – double bass
  • Billy Higgins – drums
  • Desert Island Dicks – noises, post-production


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Desert Island Dicks 2009. Experiments can go down as well as up.

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