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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Superlative song title time

Sparks' new single is about how the object of the singer's affections won't look twice at him because, for her, at least, his personal qualities don't hold a candle to those of smarmy indie onanist Morrissey. Rather excellently, they have titled this song "Lighten Up, Morrissey".

Furthermore, it comes with a neat video wherein a troupe of dancers do their "Let Forever Be"/"Come to Daddy"–esque thing with the self-satisfied Salford saddo's visage superimposed over their own.1

i'm sorry, but i have to dwell on that one a bit. The guy doesn't match up to Morrissey? He must be pretty damn useless. But i suppose there are enough dubious-taste-possessing indie girls out there to make it a feasible situation.

Such a Morrissey fixation in a woman wouldn't be as much of a relationship dealbreaker as, say, fundamentalist religious tendencies or enjoying the radio programmes of Chris Moyles, but it can't be far behind. Life Just Bounces' advice would be: sever, then find yourself a hot young Faith No More fan instead!2

1 It's just possible this isn't the real Morrissey's face.
2 It's just possible this isn't the real video for "Something for the Girl with Everything".

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