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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ben Butler & Mousepad - "Infinite Capacity (for Love)" (plus Dolby Anol edit)

A little late, but i was in Southern France on a steam-powered mobile when it came out - but some more awesome shenanigans here involving Joe from gay against you/Germlin1/Ben Butler & Mouse Pad. It is under this last alias that this one's going to be released, and with any luck it's coming out on tigerbass (a subsidiary of the redoubtable tigerbeat6) later in the year. Guest vocals are from the excellently-named The Niallist.

For the bonus round, a remix of same by tigerbass dwellers and "acid-electro fiends" Dolby Anol, composed of one member of Danananananananaykroyd (got no idea when to stop with that word) and one louche-yet-ever-so-slightly-sinister synth wunderkind, in the form of Graham Peel, who once played a entire keyboard solo for an old group of ours while standing on one leg, with one of his arms under his leg as if for emphasis, the odd lad.

MP3: Ben Butler & Mousepad feat. The Niallist – "Infinite Capacity (for Love)"
MP3: Ben Butler & Mousepad – "Infinite Capacity (for Love) (Dolby Anol edit)"

1 Well, he's not really "from" Germlin so much as he "is" him.

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