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Friday, 29 May 2009

New Germlin album "Thrash'r": listen & download now!

My prodigiously talented pal and former bandmate Joe — when he's not gearing up for a tour or album release for his group gay against you or performing shows or creating original compositions or mixtapes or remixing other artists as half of Ben Butler & Mousepad or blogging about any of the above, for that matter — is also occasionally known as Germlin.

His new album Thrash'r is available now on Bandcamp, where you can either stream it off t'site or download as either high-quality mp3 or a veritable embarrassment of other nerdy formats like Ogg, FLAC and ALAC.

i'm not massively familiar with Bandcamp, but it allows artists to distribute their music via the "pay-want-you-want" honour system method that the likes of Trent Reznor have recently been getting such fawning media coverage for employing, where You The Listener™ pay what you want for individual tracks or indeed the whole record. As you'd expect, i support bunging Joe some wedge to finance his devastating couscous habit and safely ensure the possibility of future musics.

Some tracks are familiar from appearances at various points on his MySpace player, while new ones feature guest spots from some-time collaborator Momus and Kania Tieffer amongst others. No doubt i'll do a proper review when i've had the chance to hear it a couple more times.

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