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Monday, 24 May 2010

One thing i've never quite understood about the Anfield rap

Does the Australian guy at 1:38 really say "cuz I'm sat on the bench, trying to jizz in my booze"?
If not, what does he actually say?
If so, how does he then rhyme that with "I'm very big down under but my wife disagrees"?


Joseph J Howe said...

you know, i think its meant to be 'paying my dues for the blues' and he just said it wrong, something along the lines 'paying my dues and the bues'. i know that doesn't settle the next rhyme but none of the other rhymes are particularly up to much anyway!

tomasz. said...

yep, according to online lyrics sites it's "paying my dues with the blues", which opens up several more cans of worms, as:

a) Liverpool play in red. It's their Merseyside rivals Everton who play in blue;

b) this song was written for the 1988 FA Cup final, where Liverpool wore the standard red kit, against Wimbledon, who were in... blue.

But you're right, nothing in this song makes a lick of sense anyway.

"So if you want nae trouble...!"