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Monday, 14 September 2009

A tribute to Tupac

Yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of the passing of Tupac Shakur, musician, actor, one of the most widely-acclaimed rap lyricists and performers of the 1990s.

Ever ones for the obvious here at LJB, today we celebrate 'pac's life and work with a tribute song written by lunatic hyper-caffeinated octogenarian former NYC postal worker Bingo Gazingo (from his self-titled album, and accompanied by a song that sounds a little like the Beavis & Butthead theme tune, as played by R. Stevie Moore and various other WFMU DJs.)

It's ridiculous, of course, but it doesn't seem like a pisstake — more like an actually pretty heartfelt tribute. There's probably an argument to be made somewhere that this very unlikeliness says a lot about the universality of Tupac's appeal.

Rock'n'roll, the American soul
to the American dream

Hard blast to your chest

Blood all over your breast

Why didn't you wear your bulletproof vest?

You lost your left testicle

And your right lung

Why did they have to shoot yer?

And take away your future

when you were so young?

Tupac Shakur: it's a heartbreaker

It's a ballbreaker

Your mother was a Black Panther

And your father was a political criminal1
But you had a voice as sweet as a Jewish cantor

Singing from the hymnal

On a high holy day...

I remember the words you sang which
changed the English language

Friday the 13th... you lost your dream...
And then he starts rapping. Dear lord, you have to hear this.

mp3: Bingo Gazingo — "Two Pack Shaker"

1 Yeh, stepfather in actuality. Whatever. You better hope you're this cool when you're 70-odd.

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