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Monday, 6 July 2009

The Glorious Om Riff 2012: get fully psychedelicised!

Something you don't typically encounter every day is a plan to create "one massive 'sonic beacon' resonating with the greatest riff ever written while this world ends". To be honest, i don't recall ever encountering such a plan. But Kavus Torabi, of LJB favourites The Monsoon Bassoon1 and Cardiacs, and latterly of Knifeworld, plans to rectify this situation.

Shamefully i was unfamiliar with the Torabi-proclaimed "greatest riff ever written" (you'll see in a minute) but it is, admittedly, a beast. An event not to be missed, i feel. Links to the tune(s) in question "after the jump" (which is idiot blogger-speak for "further down the page").

So this is how it is, folks. As you may have heard, the 'time obsessed' Mayan's calendar runs out on the 21st December 2012.2 Terrence McKenna also predicted that 'this' world would come to a close on the said date by using the I Ching. On top of this, any amount of crazies are predicting that the aliens will reveal themselves, there will be a trancendental apocalypse, that we will all become 'fully psychedelicised', THAT THE VERY COGS OF TIME WILL GRIND TO A HALT etc etc.
There have been many doomsday cults pertaining to particular dates before, but this one really seems to have legs. Get on line and Google the twat. You'll see.
Me? Who knows? (Although I'm quite into the thing but that's beside the point)
I had this idea for the Millennum but typically I never saw it through. This seems like a significant enough date, though, so let's immerse ourselves...
There can be no doubt that Steve Hillage's Glorious Om Riff (or you may know it as Gong's Master Builder) is the greatest riff EVER. This is not up for dispute here. The plan is that at a pre-determined time on that fateful day someone (perhaps 'The Man' himself?) starts playing that neurone re-wiring, DNA altering riff REALLY LOUD.
As this happens more and more people, upon hearing it take up the mantle. Soon, even sooner if we use, like, computers and shit, everyone hip to the idea joins in.
Basically, if you play an instrument, any instrument, then just get out in your back garden or on your roof or on the streets and just start rocking out the holiest of holies. If you don't, then start chanting "IAO ZA-I ZA-O, MA-I MA-O,TA-I TA-O". The end result being that sonically it will kick-off some kind of cosmic audio-chain that vibrates the planet to it's doom or enlightenment or both.
Or neither.
The important thing is that we all come together through love and music and just play this beautiful tune.
It's an easy riff to play, and besides, you've got three and a half years to learn it.
Now, I'm no facilitator, but someone out there is. The internet seems to be very good for uniting large groups of people to celebrate utter mediocrity,3 let's show 'them' what it's really all about.
Really though, think about it...this could be fucking brilliant. If the world ends then let's go out on a good one. If, as is more likely, it doesn't, then what an amazing thing to have done. Maybe the world does become 'psychedelicised'...AS A RESULT OF US DOING THIS and by God we have the riff to do it with.
Get on board, spread the manifesto and come on, let's go.
Kavus Torabi

The riff itself (transcription by someone over @ the Electrical Audio forums):4

YOU (1974)


Sherwood Forest (1975)


25th Birthday (1995)


mp3: Gong — "Master Builder" (YSI)
mp3: Steve Hillage — "The Glorious Om Riff" (YSI)

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1 Who can be heard in this month's mixtape.
2 Expositional hyperlinking by me, as ever.
3 Side note: check this article out for the spot-on evisceration of the idiotic "Salad Fingers" non-joke.
4 Slightly off, as noted on the forum, in that the descending bit comes at the end of the cycle rather than the beginning; but hey, if we're playing it till the world ends, no-one'll really notice the join.