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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

30KB live in Manchester with Out From Animals this Thursday

Yes indeed! My hip-hop group 30,000 Bastards guested on a track by our mates/co-conspirators Out From Animals. It's called "Skeletons", and it's largely themed around, well, skeletons innit:

Lyrics (rap bit):
[AcheZen Pains] in a dark, dark land there was a battle of discovery
worth alerting vertebrates amidst the skullduggery
our delicate presence, ephemeral essence hereditary
heavenly bodies battle minds to find their legacy
[MC Diss-1] i got calcium for skeletal development, i'm in my element
boneyard dweller with the carcasses of elephants
Diss-1 the handle, bone-fracturing vandal
pull skeletons out of cupboards, reveal scandal
[A] There's agony even in an adamantium anatomy
atrophy envelops all our rich tapestries
guaranteed till my life's switchblade cuts in
my heart's on my sleeve under ribcage cufflinks
[D] ... no time for surveying the landscape,
cower at the power of a bone-crushing handshake
let Out From Animals educate you with tones
cuz nobody gets a body without starting with bones

Aaaaalso we're going to be guesting with OFA to perform the track (and maybe dick about on stage a bit while they play the rest of their set) at Manchester's Solem Bar (part of the Student Union) this Thursday as part of the Pangaea Festival (poster below). Come along and holler and flap!

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