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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

V/A: "Free Filthy Rich" mixtape (free download)

Originally lifted from Certified Banger; props to them

i was surprised and dismayed today to learn of Filthy Rich's current incarceration. i was at secondary school with Rich and we would chat about rap and engage in ridiculous keystyle battles in forums at the end of the nineties. We lost touch for a fair bit but met up again recently at an El-P show in Leeds where we talked sketchily about a possible 30KB/Rich collaboration soon. Well now Rich is away on a two-and-a-half year bid for selling chemicals that cheer people up, while those who pick the right kind of crime can just keep gettin' away with it as they destroy people's lives. But hey, law enforcement needs priorities innit!

Anyhow, some of Rich's associates and rapping partners have put together a freely downloadable mixtape in his support, including tracks by the man himself as well as the likes of long-term associate Noz, Random Era, Philly Whizz, Pedigree Chumps, Mr. CRF and Beit Nun.

Get it @ Megaupload; if you want, there's also a discussion thread going on at this forum.

Track listing
  1. Filthy Rich – "Crime and Punishment"
  2. JND & Noz – "The Incident"
  3. Filthy Rich – "Who the F**k Are U?"
  4. Chris L – "Cheese Feast"
  5. Random Era, Mr. CRF & Filthy Rich – "Pull Yer Pants Up"
  6. EdXL – "Crocodile Smile"
  7. Filthy Rich – "Lord of the Bling"
  8. Ben B & Old Owl – "Burning Slow"
  9. Filthy Rich & Noz – "Destroyer"
  10. Mr. CRF – "Check the Profile"
  11. Filthy Rich – "The Winter of My Discontent"
  12. Beit Nun – "Can't Stop Me"
  13. Filthy Rich – "Battle Raps"
  14. Pedigree Chumps & Big Bam – "Here We Go Again"
  15. Filthy Rich – "Lunatic"
  16. No-Mad – "The Universal Throne"
  17. Philly Whizz (feat. Filthy Rich, Lee Scott & T.L.) – "3 Verse Murder"
  18. JND & Experimentality – "Will to Live"
  19. Filthy Rich – "Song of Times Gone By"

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