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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

#4: Rainbosws – "Untitled" (Glitch City, 2008)

"Rainbosws produces a minimalistic blend of sound sculpture and ambient music", says his bio, thereby pretty much negating my whole review. But fuck it, i've already written it now, so i'm going to post it anyway.

"Untitled", from what i can gather the first "proper" Rainbosws release (after his track on the Glitch Village 02 compilation & the "for s" single; certainly the first i've heard anyway) starts with a crackle, becoming an oscillating glitch that gradually swells for the first minute-and-a-half. The longer second movement (there are no track titles, only the numbers 1 to 4) continues the rhythmic crackle and intertwines it with murky subterranean-sounding looping, and the two skip off to make beautiful polyrhythms together before being satisfyingly derailed around the 3:00 mark by the noisy bastard son of a great big '70s glam riff.

"3 (ver. 2)" stays more ominously ambient, preferring to bump its clicking, buzzing and glitching variety of textures gently against each other; its slow-burn tension probably be used to score one of the type of avant-garde horror flicks that seek to gradually unnerve the viewer rather than jolt them with surprises. Closer "4", the longest track on the album at 8:34, effectively pits all the attributes of the other tracks against one another, building loops like sediment layers into a kind of digi-noise equivalent of one of those slag heaps that destroys mining towns, slow, but with unstoppable momentum.

While a relatively short release, "Untitled" is nonetheless a worthy statement of intent. Fans of minimal ambient/noise-type styles could do well worse than to intercept.

Download "Untitled" from @ Glitch City (.rar format)

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