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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Unnecessary comeback zone

Spinal Tap recording new material

Spinal Tap are recording their first new material in nearly twenty years.

The spoof English heavy metal band is the brainchild of American actors Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest.

They first featured in the classic 1984 "mockumentary"
This Is Spinal Tap and went on to record two albums.

Shearer, who these days voices several
Simpsons characters, told BBC 5 Live: "It'll be for download as well as on conventional media later this year."

Now, i dunno about anyone else, but i read this headline as "25-year-old joke told again".

Yeah OK, a good joke, admittedly. In 1984.

I suppose it's at least semi-apt that ST are now dragging themselves around the same kind of toothless cabaret circuit all the bands they were satirising are also currently doing (hi Sabbath! hi Maiden! hi Priest!) — but doesn't that also entirely negate the group's satirical purpose and render them just another bunch of reunion-touring geriatric rock bottom-feeders?

No more, thanks, guys.

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