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Sunday, 22 August 2010

#5: Antoni Maiovvi — "The Thorns of Love" (Caravan, 2010)

Review of Antoni Maiovvi for Killed in Cars.

The third album by Bristol-born, Berlin-based DJ Anton Maiof under his (possibly Italo-disco informed) Antoni Maiovvi alias, The Thorns of Love claims kinship with the “overwhelming horror of the stalked… the sound of dimly lit streets where everyone is at risk”. It’s no coincidence that two of his top MySpace friends, juxtaposed next to one another, are John Carpenter and Giorgio Moroder...
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mp3: Antoni Maiovvi – "This Is the Beast"

Or stream the whole record via Soundcloud:
A n t o n i M a i o v v i "The Thorns Of Love" :: CVANCD003 by Multiverse

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